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Tart Cherry Lemon Spritzer

8 Jul

Did you know that tart cherries have one of the highest antioxidant levels of ALL fruits and vegetables? Or that tart cherries contain anti-inflammatory anthocyanins that help with muscle and back pain? All you need is 2 TB of cherry juice a day to start receiving the benefits.
Tart cherry juice is, in the words of my mother, “absolutely delicious, indulgent to drink, and reminiscent of a fruity glass of red wine!”

This simple SIMPLE cocktail is great with lunch or dinner. It is healthful, low calorie, and refreshing.

6oz soda water(sodium-free)
2oz tart cherry juice
Juice of one lemon
Sprig of Thyme for garnish (optional)

A few things to look for when buying your juice:
Make sure the TART cherry juice you buy has:
NO sugar
NO apple juice
NO added anything. Just Cherry juice and filtered water.

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